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                Speech on the strategy of listed companies and the status of enterprise management
                       On the morning of October 23, 2013, in the conference room on the third floor of Huaxing parking equipment Co., Ltd., Ma Jinhua, chairman of the board of directors, made an index on the impact of the listing on Huaxing's company and the overall situation of the company.
                       First, about the company listing
                       A listed company, the chairman at the meeting pointed out that the intelligent Huaxing have entered the listing counseling period, and our securities companies, accounting firms and law firms in August 27th in No. two  meeting room of Feidong county government held a signing ceremony for the listing. As a sign, the company officially entered the "listing" trajectory, but recalled since the "listing" counseling signing, I have always been a very worried mood. First of all, from Huaxing company's current situation, we are both the construction of the enterprise system or management, and listed companies have a big gap. Listed companies is good, if the management basis for their own weakness or lack of a keen grasp of the market, listed in this case, not only can make the enterprise development and growth, but will increase the burden to the enterprise, and even let the company for listing enterprise packaging, popular said is false, this is murder, is worrying the.
                       As a matter of fact, the chairman said, "I think the most important thing is to have a mentality of constantly striving for self-improvement. We should learn how to improve ourselves, and we must have a system and a system.". As for the issue of stock reform, the chairman stressed that the purpose of the share reform is to link the employees and the future of the enterprise closely. But for the reform in the ESOP, the chairman said ESOP is not "mess", we do not engage in state-owned enterprises that equalitarianism. Shareholding should first be linked with the contribution of employees to the company, contribute much more, contribute less, hold less or not. The hook and loyalty of employees, for example, some employees have been in the company for more than ten years, the company has just started from time to time in the company, so we must let him employee ownership, but also reward. Finally, the chairman hoped that the entire company staff must have "the company a chess game" the consciousness, is loyal to the China star enterprise, completes own duty. Only firmly such a concept, the company in the future share reform, we can in accordance with their respective contributions to the corresponding reward.
                Two, about the management of the company
                       The chairman pointed out that the company's current management is still on the stage, we introduce Wang Hui, Ma Xian and Wang Bo in the full vigour of life vigorous management cadres, cadres, these are in such as Qiaqia, GREE and other large enterprises and listed companies to work, not only full of passion, want to do things, have management experience, we hope through their company management concept and management system of indoctrination to everyone, let Huaxing as soon as possible into the standardization, institutionalized development road.
                        According to the staff's working status, chairman pointed out that some of our employees do their work not how, but love everywhere stir up enmity, gossip. These people that we should resolutely crack down an evil member of the herd, such a person, the dismissal without mercy. We hope that each employee can do a good job, with the strength to prove himself, and not by random tongue to slander others. In this regard, the chairman called on everyone to learn from Comrade Li Guangsong of the company. Li Guangsong is a love and dedication, practical work of the people, he proved his ability. The chairman said, "we are going to set such a good example and learn from such good comrades.". At the meeting, the chairman also mentioned that the company should strengthen the training of new employees, improve their enthusiasm for work, and give them the greatest room for development.
                       Finally, the chairman said that the company listing requires every employee's efforts, we must have the company Rong Errong, ashamed of the company because of shame mentality. Every member who works in the company should feel that I am employed in the company instead of working, and that I should work as my own enterprise. Everyone should unite, the company's development and interests are always in the first place, and work together to create a bright future for huaxing.
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